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Sport Psych Consultant SacramentoHi, this is Nancy Georges, NLP Peak Performance Coach and Sport Psych Consultant. I help athletes achieve the champion mindset using sport psychology tools and NLP, or Neurolinguistic Programming. I not only help athletes achieve peak performance, but I also help with a wide variety of other performance settings as well.

I believe in tapping into each of my client's psychology of personal excellence. Each program is custom created based on stated goals, as well as areas of strengths and weaknesses. My Peak Performance Accelerator Program, is my signature 6 week one-on-one customized program designed to help facilitate performance mastery in your area of focus.

So if you are looking to take your game to the next level of peak performance, you have come to the right place. I offer a wide variety of mental training tools to help you excel. I am excited to help you streamline your focus, so that you can achieve goals that are meaningful to you.

One-on-one Sessions are done at my office in Sacramento. In addition, I offer video sessions world-wide via Skype, your preferred method of video communication, or by phone.

Are You Ready For Lasting Change?

Peak Performance in SoccerHere are some areas Peak Performance Coaching can help you improve:

  • Athletic Excellence
  • Positive Self-talk
  • Visualization
  • Empowered Motivation
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Building Confidence
  • Sports Performance
  • Academic Performance
  • Anxiety Management
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Changing limiting beliefs
  • Overcoming fears and phobias
  • Goal Setting
  • Sports Trauma Recovery
  • Subconscious Reprogramming
  • End of Career Transitions

And much more.

In addition to having a Masters degree in Counseling and Sport Psychology, and being a Certified Mental Coach and Mental Game Coach, I am also a lifelong athlete with extensive competitive experience in a wide variety of sports, including, swimming, water-polo, gymnastics, and fitness.

My tools expand outside of the performance enhancement realm. I also help my clients with anxiety reduction as well as the elimination of fears and phobias. I have helped with public speaking, work place performance, as well as decreasing test anxiety to help improve grades for high school and college students. The first step, is to fill out the Results Request Form so we can talk more about your specific plan of action.

NLP Coaching Sessions

Most people care about results when searching for an agent of change. However, if you are specifically interested in your change expert using NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) for your change work, you will be happy to know, that you have come to the right place...

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Peak Performance Program

The Peak Performance Accelerator Program was designed for the athlete that wants to have all the mental tools necessary to excel in their specific sport. Each program is catered to developing mental mastery customized to your unique situation. No two programs are alike.

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Do you want to experience the power of hypnotherapy in the comfort and convenience of your own home? Choose from a wide variety of topics including stress release, releasing negative emotions, appetite control, creating a healthy body, and dieting with ease...

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