Healthy Body Hypnosis

Are you ready to create a New Year's Resolution you can actually stick to? How can you be sure that you won't stop half way through January with your goal of creating the body of your dreams? The best way to be sure you achieve your fitness goals, is to be congruent with your goals, both in thought, and in behavior! It is easy to write out a list of ambitious goals on January 1st, but not so easy to follow through.


Did you know the average person gives up their New Year's Resolution by January 17th? That's right! Most people don't even make it a full month before abandoning their well intentioned health and fitness goals. Don't be another statistic! This year, do it differently. This year, get congruent, not just in thought, but in behavior too. You can achieve your goals, with the power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis can be used for a wide variety of health and fitness related goals. From increasing motivation for exercise, to decreasing cravings for carbs and sugar, to decreasing appetite. Any fitness goal that you have that is at the same time challenging for you to follow through with, hypnosis can benefit by improving the rapport between your conscious and unconscious minds.

How do you know if hypnosis is the right fit for you? If you have a goal, and you are also having a challenge moving in the direction of that goal, then hypnosis may be the solution you are seeking. Hypnosis can help you to move forward congruently with behaviors that have in the past been a challenge for you.

Some Common Healthy Body Goals:

  • Increase exercise motivation
  • Increase nutrition compliance
  • Improve energy and stamina
  • Decrease stress eating and mindless eating
  • Release negative beliefs around health and wellness
  • Overcome negative body image
  • Install new health behaviors
  • Make fitness easily a part of your daily routine
  • Increase strength and stamina

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